Insurance & Pricing

We'll work with you each step of the way to demystify the cost of care.

We Accept Most PPO Dental Plans

When you book an appointment, we’ll ask for you to send along your dental insurance information. This allows us to verify your benefits and give you a heads-up on the anticipated out-of-pocket costs for any procedures we prescribe. That's tricky to do on short notice—the sooner you get us your dental insurance information, the more accurately we can estimate your coverage.

Even without first seeing your particular dental insurance plan, we can tell you a few basics right off the bat.

We do not accept any of the following plans:

We do accept just about everything else, including PPO dental insurance plans from the following insurers:

We Charge Transparent Fees for Premium Service

Our costs are guided by three core practices: First, we prescribe state-of-the-art treatment plans to keep you the healthiest, the longest. Second, we work only with high-end providers, materials, and laboratories that we trust. And third, we aim to make high-quality care accessible.

Here are some typical costs, if you don't have any insurance, for common procedures:

New Patient Appointment


Per Visit
Routine Check-Up

$305 – $560

Per Visit

$405 – $550

Per Tooth


Per Tooth

$6,250 – $7,250

For Full Treatment

$750 – $1,500

For Full Treatment

Remember, though: Final prices will vary based on your specific treatment needs and benefits. If you have one of our accepted insurance plans, then your out-of-pocket costs may be significantly lower than the prices above.

Curious if we accept your specific dental insurance? Questions about the costs of specific procedures? Contact us to learn more.