Before you ever set foot in our practice, we'll help you understand how your specific dental benefits apply to the costs of our services.

Making sense of your dental insurance

Life is full of mysteries: Where did we come from? Why are we here? How does dental insurance work? We can’t help with those first two, but we’ve got you covered when it comes to dental insurance. Before your visits to Studio Dental, our team uses modern technology and good, old-fashioned phone calls with your dental insurance carrier to estimate what you'll pay for any services you might receive from us.

When you book an appointment, we ask for you to send along your dental insurance information. This allows us to verify your expected coverage at our practice, and give you a heads-up on the anticipated out-of-pocket costs for any procedures we prescribe. This can sometimes be a bit tricky with same-day appointments, but the sooner you get us your dental insurance information, the more accurately we can estimate your expected coverage. Without first seeing your particular dental insurance plan, however, we can tell you a few things right off the bat:

We do not accept the following dental insurance plans:

‍We do accept just about everything else, including PPO dental insurance plans from:

We're considered Out-of-Network for all dental insurance carriers, except for Delta Dental, with whom we're considered an In-Network Premier Provider. Have a question about your particular insurance coverage? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Taking the mystery out of dental fees

Your dental insurance plan is just one half of the equation when it comes to what you'll actually pay when you visit our practice. The second half is, of course, what we charge you. Simply put: Your out-of-pocket costs at Studio Dental will be equal to the difference between what your dental insurance covers, and the fees that we charge. Those fees are grounded in our two core philosophies around the cost of care:

Now, with that said, we understand cost is a major factor in choosing to move forward with dental work, so let's talk numbers.

The fees we charge for our services vary depending on a few factors, including the types of procedures you'll receive and the complexity of those procedures. Without first seeing you for an exam and putting together a formal treatment plan, we can't give you an accurate estimate for everything you might possibly get done with us. But we can give you a ballpark for some of the most common procedures our patients typically see us for, such as:

A new patient appointment, with an exam, a cleaning, and x-rays

A routine check-up, with an exam and a cleaning

A filling

A crown



Have a question about a particular procedure? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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